Monday, November 28, 2011

George Duke Band feat. Rachelle Ferrell - Live In Montreux, Switzerland - 1997

George Duke Band and Rachelle Ferrell - LIVE AT MONTREUX,
the gold watch of jazz. It seems like once a musician or vocalist
 has spent a few decades in smoky clubs and roughneck juke
 joints, they get to fly to Switzerland  and make a dignified
recording in front of a respectful audience. It's a tradition.
Singer Rachelle Ferrell made her LIVE AT MONTREUX
album only three albums into her career is surprising. That it's
her finest work yet is nothing short of amazing. In this
DVD Ferrell reinterprets a fine set of standards and works
wonders on her original song. All songs were excellently
executed by  George Duke and his band. The rest of the
tracks are even better, as they show the result of several years
of vocal experimentation on Ferrell's part; her phrasing is
remarkably free.  Rachelle Ferrell's  LIVE AT MONTREUX
is a revelation.

George Duke was one of the original players that brought
jazz fusion music in Montreux. Highly trained from Frank
Zappa's band, Billy Cobham and Stanley Clarke. In this
DVD, he played atleast 2 or 3 jazz fusion songs. The rest
are Ferell's music. The band itself is great, they are all
professionally trained and chosen by George himself.

George Duke Band feat. Rachelle Ferrell - Live In Montreux

Year : 1997
Genre : Mainstream, Jazz-Rock, Funk
Length : 1:37:54

Musicians :
George Duke - keyboards,vocals
Rachelle Ferrell - vocals
Jonathan Butler - guitars, vocals
Patti Austin - vocals
Brian Simpson - keyboards
Mino Cinelu - Percussion
Larry Kimpel - Bass
Lil John Roberts - drums

Tracklisting :
1 Welcome To My Love
2 Goin 'Home
3 Genesis
4 500 Miles To Go
5 With Every Breathe I Take
6 Sarah, Sarah
7 Speak Low Waiting
8 9 Bus Tours
10 You Don't Know What Love Is Quality

Dolby Digital 2.0 48KHz 192KbpsRecorded live at
The Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland
between July 15, 1991 and July 12, 1997. Includes
inner notes by Bruce Lundvall and Rachelle Ferrell.

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